Here one has made virtue of necessity, i.e. a broken-down airplane is used as a residential house. Necessity is the mother of invention! The Carretera Austral stretches 1200 km across Chile. Along the famous street of the south glaciers, volcanos, primeval forests, fjords and deserted lakes are at close quarters. The Carretera ranges from Puerto Montt to Villa O’Higgins, there the Patagonian Ice Fields provide a natural barrier to the rest of the country. It is sparsely tarred and has many ramifications and road branches leading in the back-country. Along its main axis about a dozen national parks and reserves are located. The region is divided into the two geographical regions Western Patagonia, which belongs mainly to Chile, and Eastern Patagonia, Argentina. It is scenically characterised by steppe-like lowlands, the pampas. The southern part of the Andes in the west belongs to Patagonia, the subantarctic island region in the south belongs to Tierra del Fuego. Characteristic representatives of Patagonia’s animal world are for example the guanaco, the rhea and the condor. The numerous lakes of Patagonia are the home for flamingos and numerous other water birds. On the southern strip of the continent, the legendary wild Patagonia stretches across both sides of the Andes.Patagonia: world of magic, Indian culture and indescribable natural spectacle. The Torres del Paine – in the heart of Patagonia – stands for jagged peaks of granite, lime-green lakes, crystal-clear glaciers, rheas, llamas, wild ducks and flamingos.
Photography by Andreas la Rosé is licensed under Creative Commons License
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